Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to take a prenatal class?

Labour and birth can perhaps be compared to the most intense workout of your life.  Would you go in to that workout without having practiced, trained and learned as much as you can?  I hope not!  That workout probably wouldn't be a very enjoyable experience, and you could even get injured.  It would be better to find an experienced trainer who could help you prepare your body and mind for the challenge ahead. 

Attending a YEG Prenatal class will build your knowledge about labour and birth, which in turn builds confidence.  Birth is easier when a mother and those supporting her trust her body and trust the process of birth.  

Why should I choose a YEG Prenatal class?

I know there are lots of options for prenatal classes in the Edmonton area and I'm honoured you're considering a YEG Prenatal class.  These classes cover so much more than the basics.  We make sure that partners and support people are included and know how to be great companions during labour and birth.  We talk lots about what to expect after your baby is born, from feeding to sleeping to self-care and relationships.  You will also get lots of resources and information to take home so you don't have to remember everything!

Do you advocate a certain way of birthing?

I support parents-to-be by sharing information. The decisions you make with that information are entirely yours.  It's your birth, not mine.  My job is to help you approach that birth feeling confident and prepared, not to pass judgment on your choices. 

Where are your classes located?

My favourite way to teach is in your home. This way you are sure to be relaxed and comfortable. I am happy to travel within Edmonton and St. Albert, and very willing to go further (with an occasional charge for extra mileage).

If an in-home class is not ideal for you I can also teach in my home or we can work together to find a perfect space.


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