Doing The Holidays With A Baby

Whether the very idea stresses you out (me), or you’ve been counting the days for months (not me), Christmas is coming! If you have a new baby, you might be pretty excited to share the holidays with your child and I’d bet you have family or friends who are looking forward to meeting your new bundle and showering him or her with gifts and love.

We can probably all agree that there can be some level of stress that comes with the holidays, and it just might be a lot higher with a new baby along for the ride. Let’s dig in and talk about some ways to make Christmas with a baby a whole lot easier.

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The Most Amazing Sugar Cookies You’ll Ever Eat

One of my absolute favourite activities I do to prepare for Christmas is baking. Probably because baking is one of my favourite activities any time of the year, but there are some special recipes that only come out at Christmas time. This sugar cookie recipe is one of them. It’s definitely more labour-intensive than your good old chocolate chip drop cookie, but once a year I’m willing to make the effort.

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Choosing the #momlife


I see this hashtag all the time on social media.  It covers all manner of posts, but I think what links them all is the drastic differences we can find ourselves facing as parents from one moment to the next.  Sometimes as a mom I find myself bored out of my tree, laughing hysterically, more frustrated than I’ve ever been, and so full of a love I could never have imagined before.  And that’s all just in the five minutes after they get out of bed. 

Being a parent is, to use an enormous understatement, challenging.  

Having recently started a new business, I found myself mulling over the challenge of parenthood.  (Stay with me, the connection will make sense in a minute)   

Being a business owner is much more challenging than I anticipated.  It’s also the first time in a long time that I had the option of giving up.  I’m not going to, but every day I have to consciously CHOOSE to work on my business, write a blog post, reach out to someone in real life (introvert nightmare, am I right?).  

Parenting is a different kind of challenge because I can’t choose to stop being a parent.  Even when it’s boring, even when it’s frustrating, even when I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m still the mom to four little humans who rely on me and my husband for everything from emotional support to the 628th snack of the day.  “Mom” has become one of the biggest parts of my identity.  

But some days, I parent on autopilot.  I prepare the food, I break up the fights, I find the lost mitten.  I don’t consciously choose how I’m parenting, I just do what needs to be done.  That’s okay.  But lately it’s been on my heart to think a bit more about how I’m interacting with my kids.  As they get older, they start to be able to prepare their own food and find their own mittens (at least I hope so). But they begin to need more instruction and support to help them become grown-up humans that other people will actually want to spend time with.  This is where my parenting choices really start to matter. 

There’s just over a week left until Easter.  For these last few days of Lent, I’m going to try harder to be more attentive, to be more conscious of how I respond, to actually CHOOSE to parent.   Pray for me!

Why Choose Childbirth Education?

Why Should I Attend a Prenatal Class?


Would you study for an important test?  Prepare for an interview?  Train for a marathon?  Birth is one of the most significant events of your life, you should do what you can to get ready for it!  


Birth is something that our culture seems to misunderstand.  If you’re pregnant or have been pregnant, have you noticed people telling you horrible stories of how awful their pregnancy and labour were?  You’ve probably seen someone on TV having a baby with a lot of screaming and hospital staff rushing all over the place.  I have GOOD NEWS for you.  Birth does not have to be scary.  Do you know what works well to take away fear?  KNOWLEDGE.


Birth is a natural event.  Don’t mistake me, I’m not saying it’s easy or always goes the way we plan. (Spoiler alert: it almost never goes the way we plan.)  But our bodies are created to make, grow and birth tiny humans, and the changes our bodies undergo so that can happen are really amazing.  A prenatal class will help you to understand the awe-inspiring physical process of labour, and how to work with your baby and your body to help labour along.  A good prenatal class will give you a lot more than that. Here are just a few of the topics I cover in a standard class:

  • What happens during labour
  • Various ways to deal with the sensations of labour
  • How partners can be helpful
  • Decision-making about birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Relationship changes
  • Building your village


I want you to feel as confident as possible, not only about the process of birth but also about beginning this beautiful, terrifying, confusing, astonishing journey of parenthood.


Birth is as life-changing for the new parents as it is for the tiny new person being born.  The actions we take to prepare for birth, to cope with labour when it’s happening, and to recover in the postpartum phase, have great influence on the experience.  I hope I can help you make it a wonderful experience.


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